Total Immersion Music Bootcamp

"Learn And Destroy"

The class of DWEEZILLA 2017 has graduated!
Thank you to all of the participants, we enjoyed working with all of you.

The 2017 camp was 100% focused on hands-on playing in an ensemble. Attendees worked closely with me and my band with daily sessions. We all performed together in the BIG CONCERT event on DAY 3!

This format has proven to be the most popular of all of my camps so we will continue with this them for the next camp!  As soon as we know the date and location 


we will post it right here!

My DWEEZILLA music Boot Camp has a motto, LEARN AND DESTROY! Do you want to shatter boundaries and preconceptions while learning to commit to your musical individuality? I want to share my experiences and help you expand your skills while propelling you to new creative heights.

Whether you play guitar, bass, drums, keys, or horns, or whether your voice is your instrument, this year’s DWEEZILLA is devoted to you! Experience total musical immersion in a highly creative environment.

After 3 days of exciting tutorials and rehearsals with me and my band, you’ll begin to understand what Frank Zappa meant when he said, “You’ve got to put the eyebrows on it.” Are you ready to LEARN AND DESTROY?

Who's ready to play?

"DWEEZILLA On Tour" guitar classes are available, check tour dates for listings!
CHOICE CUTS TOUR 2018 - 60 minutes of DWEEZILLA Guitar Workshop prior to the show!

Bob D.

Happy New Year To Dweezil & Band! Saw Frank Vignola & Vinny Raniolo w/ Nicki Parrott last night at Morristown NJ "First Night 2017" Show was EXCELLENT! I told Frank after show that his rendition of "Lemme Take You To The Beach" got me reinterested in your Dad's music and prompted me to attend your Montclair and NYC shows. Which were GREAT! Frank said he loves your guitar instuctional videos. You should ask him to join you on stage when you play NY Metro area. 

Tommy Quirk

For anyone interested, the cost of the Camping/Commuter package is $1199 (not $1999 as listed above). 


Thanks Tommy! That is fixed on the site above.